Xe88 Game Tips

Xe88 Game Tips – Ahmad Who Win RM82,000 With Game Tips

Do you feel like winning some extra cash for a rainy day at Xe88? But not sure what to do to win this cash? No fear as this article will provide you with the Xe88 Game Tips to help you win tremendously in the online casinos.

Some call it tips and other tricks. Whatever you may call it; it is just pure help for you to make big wins at Xe88.

How To Get Free Credit In Xe88?
Free Credit Xe88
Free Credit Xe88

Currently, if you sign up as a member at Ex88 online casino you will get the Xe88 Free Credit.

You can use the free credit and along with the Xe88 Game Tips to make money from the casino. Therefore, please make sure that you register as a member today.

What To Do If I Encounter Issues In Xe88?
Customer Service Online Casino
Customer Service Online Casino

If you face any issues during or after registration, just click on the Live Chat bar.

There are Xe88 representatives on standby 24 by 7. Moreover, these representatives will have plenty of bonuses to offer you as a welcome gift.

Do not feel shy to redeem them all. Therefore, sign up as a member and reap the benefits of your membership.

What You Should Do Before Playing With Xe88 Game Tips?


Our focus here will be on the slot games at Xe88.

Slot games are the most go-to games in any casino as the wins are huge and appealing.

Therefore, once you claim your Xe88 Free Credit, you can choose the slot game which is easy to play and appeals to you.

Before you start playing, you should set the game to have all 25 pay lines available.

Next, be sure to check your bet per spin. Depending on how much free credit you can redeem, you should set the bet per spin to an amount that would last you at least 100 spins.

How To Bet With Free Credit Xe88?

Xe88 Original
Xe88 Original

Let’s say you have RM100 worth of free credit, the best way to utilize this is to set your bet per spin to RM1.

Moreover, by setting the bet per spin to RM1, you will be able to spin the reels for hundred times and the total will only cost you RM100.

In these hundred spins, you are sure to get into a free spin bonus round.

With just one free spin bonus round, you will be able to make your capital larger.

Besides, if you’re spinning with just RM1, you may win up to RM200.

This will help you in the future spins as you will have larger capital and you can raise your bets to at least RM2 bet per spin.

Just keep raising your bet per spin after every round of the free spin bonus round and you will certainly make plenty of cash by the end of the day.

A Stronger Standpoint To Note On Xe88 Game Tips

Game Tips Online Casino
Game Tips Online Casino

Based on what we have told you before, there is a way to make RM4,000 per week just by playing at slot games.

What you need to do exactly is, get ready for the capital of RM100.

Moreover, it does not matter if you are using the Xe88 Free Credit or if you are using your own money as capital.

By spinning the reels with the only RM1, you’ll receive about RM200 from just one free spin bonus round.

Once you have amassed up to RM1,000, you should take a break from playing.

Do not withdraw the RM 1,000. Keep the RM1,000 and continue playing the next day again.

Repeat these steps for another 3 more days and you will end up with a total of RM4,000.

By the end of the week, you may cash out with the RM4,000 and that is how you make up to RM4,000 a week by playing at Xe88.

Hope these tips have been useful. Try it for yourself and do not let greed take over you. Slow and steady always wins the race!


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