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Xe88 APK Frequently Asked Questions 2020

This is a very complete market survey questionnaire. And I’m sure I can help you answer all the questions you’ve been asking about Xe88 APK. Let’s dive in.

About Xe88 APK

Xe88 APK
Xe88 APK

If you ask me who are the three Kings of gambling application in Southeast Asia. The first thing that came to mind was 918Kiss, Mega88, and then Xe88. Besides, the relationship between the three of them is like Mercedes and BMW.

Likewise, if you want to improve, you have to get an opponent. This is why after so many years, 3 of them are still loved by players. Because they are improving themselves.

Also, it’s been five years now, since Xe8 was developed. But he’s lost none of his charms. On the contrary Xe88, APK getting more and more players.

Moreover, all of this must be attributed to responsible agents under Official Xe88. The agent’s service keeps customers satisfied, which is what keeps the application moving forward.

Let’s dive in to frequently asked questions by all the Xe players.

How To Download Xe88?

How To Download Xe88 Original APK
How To Download Xe88 Original APK

Go to the official Xe88 APK website and click on the download URL which suitable for the device. Besides, the Xe88 also has a PC version download site. That’s something the Kiss918 and Mega888 don’t have.

After downloading, you must complete the installation procedure before you can start gambling. Here are the installation methods for each device:

  • Xe88 APK IOS User: Go To Setting > General > Scroll To The Bottom Find Device Management > Click “Mirror Image Services Limited” > If Pop-Up Shows, Click The Trust Button.
  • Xe8 Android User: Setting > Go To Install Unknown Apps > Click Enable.

How To Win In Xe88 APK?

Win In Online Casino Malaysia
Win In Online Casino Malaysia

Here are a few ways you can try. It can effectively increase your winning ratio while gambling. Especially for those who like to play casino slots. These ways can increase your chances of hitting the jackpot.

  1. Control Your Bet: Raise your bet when you win. Lower the bet when you lose. Keep this slogan in mind. For example, if you’re playing casino slot and you start to win money. Just raise your bet.

  2. Complete The Daily Quests: Everyday Xe88 APK gives the player five quests. These five tasks are also called daily Bonus. When you can complete one task, you will be given the reward you deserve. More importantly, in this daily bonus, you have a chance to win the jackpot.

  3. Jackpot ID: Try to request Jackpot ID from the agent. Usually, the agent will not let the normal player have the Jackpot ID. Because that’s one of the EX88 Vip player benefits. But you can try to get it from one of the official verified agents.

  4. Claim The Bonus: Each agent has their own promotion. For example, if you deposit RM30 today, but when you apply for a 50% welcome bonus, the credit your id has is RM45. That’s the deal. This online casino promotion doesn’t have any turnover. Give it a try.

How To File A Complaint On Xe88 Agent?

Xe88 APK Complaint Box
Xe88 APK Complaint Box

When you open the game, you will see an envelope symbol in the upper right corner. All you need to do is enter your Xe88 APK ID, phone number, and the agent’s contact info. And then you need to tell us the issue you encounter, in order to let us know what to do.

Furthermore, after filling the complaint form, you can submit it to us. Moreover, if you are blocked by an agent, we will do our best to get back what you deserve.

How To Hack Xe?

Xe88 APK Hack
Xe88 APK Hack

There are many ways to hack Xe. Besides, players who are really interested in using this method to win money can try the Google “Hack Xe88 APK”. You’ll get a lot of examples.

Also,  I’m going to teach one of the hacking skills here. Ask your friends to join you in the same game and bet the same amount. More importantly, sync time. Then, eventually one of you will win the game with Jackpot and a big win.

Xe88 APK Free Credit Non-Deposit

How To Get Free Credit Non Deposit Online Casino
How To Get Free Credit Non Deposit Online Casino

To attract more players, Ex88 also offers a free credit non-deposit to new players. As long as you’re a new player, you can apply for this promotion.

Besides, Xe88 online casino has the right to stop this promotion at any time without notice players. So, go search for Xe88 free credit on Google and sign up to be one of our members now!

If I Found A Loophole In Xe88 APK, Can I Report To Them?

Jackpot Casino Malaysia Loophole
Jackpot Casino Malaysia Loophole

Yes, of course, you can! The Ex88 online casino will truly appreciate and will send rewards to those who point out the loopholes on the APK.

Xe88 Vs Mega888

These are two of the most popular games in Southeast Asia. Besides, the two of them are too similar, so most players will choose these two games based on their mood. If you want to learn more about the Mega888, take a look at the Mega888 FAQ. That article clearly answers most of the questions that players ask.

In A Nutshell

Xe88 APK, Mega888 APK, and 918Kiss APK are the most popular online casino games in Southeast Asia. Most of the questions the players asked were the same. Besides, what we’ve found is that the question most people ask is “How To Get Free Credit“.

We do offer free credit to players. If you’re really interested, sign up now!