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Reason Why People Love Casino Online Malaysia

We call it Judi Online in Malay. If you want to gamble in Malaysia you must first reach the legal age of 21. Playing casino online in Malaysia you also need a bank account, cell phone, and a stable internet connection.

These are all necessary for playing online gambling. I believe many of you might ask, isn’t Malaysia already a casino of its own? Why do people still gamble online? Let’s continue reading. And I’ll let you know why Malaysians prefer online casinos.

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Casino Online Malaysia 2020
Casino Online Malaysia 2020

Why Do People Love To Play Casino Online Malaysia?

Why People Love Casino Online
Why People Love Casino Online

It’s year 2020, technology has provided convenience to many people. Moreover, 5G is coming this year. Everything is going online now. So, let us get back to the topic.

If you don’t play casino online, the only choice is a land-based casino, right?

Think carefully, before going to the casino what do you need to do? You must dress properly to enter the casino. Also, wearing a pair of shoes because slippers are not allowed. Isn’t it troublesome? You just want to gamble and relax.

But playing casino online is different. As long as you open the APK you can start to gamble. Furthermore, You don’t have to worry about your posture, and clothes. All you need is to pay attention to gambling.

So, ask yourself. What will you choose? The land-based casino or online casino?

Reason 1: Trusted Online Casino

Most Trusted Online Casino
Most Trusted Online Casino

Joker13 is the most trusted and reliable casino online in Malaysia. Joker13 has 20 years of experience in this industry. Previously, their companies operated casinos in Cambodia. But due to the impact of COVID-19 this year, their business affected. Therefore, they went back to Malaysia and set up an online casino.

Trusted Casino Online List 2020

Best Online Casino Malaysia
Best Online Casino Malaysia
  1. Joker13
  2. Pappakaya
  3. BigChoySun
  4. Gentingcasino88

You might asked, how to define trusted?

A professional online casino basically needs to have a web page. Because if the player can’t find us like an emergency WhatsApp blocked, they can contact us at Live Chat.

Second, they need to have an account on social media, such as Instagram and Facebook. And of course with certain followers. With a certain follower, the casino online looks more reliable and trusted. So, you can also choose to join

Lastly, it comes to customer service quality. Whether you do a deposit or withdraw, online gambling means that you have to go through customer service. So, remember to choose customer-service representatives who are friendly and enthusiastic.

Reason 2: Free Credit Casino 2020

New Member Free MYR No Deposit 2020
New Member Free MYR No Deposit 2020

Well, free credit promotion in casino online Malaysia is cool. You don’t need to deposit any to get this special offer. The point is, if you win, you can request to withdraw.

But different casinos have different rules. Let me give you a few examples:

Some casinos will ask you to return the capital they gave you. You can withdraw the winnings, but not winning and the bonus they gave. Likewise, if you get RM5 free credit and won RM50, you are only able to withdraw RM45. It’s a fairly fair for online casinos. And it can also be regarded as a way to protect the interests of both parties.

Secondly, is that the player needs to win 20-30 times of the free credit in order to withdraw. This is also a fairly common rule for online casinos in Malaysia. Personally, I think it’s reasonable. Because it’s free. Players can take this as a challenge.

But still there are still (judi online tipu) we call them scammers. They don’t allow players to withdraw money they’ve won. Furthermore, Some may also make many additional unreasonable requests to increase the withdraw difficulty.

Reason 3: Malaysia Online Casino Promotion

Trusted Online Casino Malaysia 2020
Trusted Online Casino Malaysia 2020

Promotion is a common tactic used by online casinos to attract players. Besides, it’s also something Genting Sky Casino doesn’t have.

I will introduce a few promotions Casino Online Malaysia below, have a look:

  • Welcome Bonus
    This is the promotion that online casinos give to new players. And most of them only can get once. The bonus is calculated based on the player’s first deposit. So, the more you deposit, the more bonus you will receive.

  • Reload Bonus
    If you’re not a new guest, or you’ve been at this casino for a while, that’s the bonus you can choose. It’s the same thing as the welcome bonus: The more you deposit each time, the more reward bonus you will receive.

  • Loyalty Bonus
    This is an online casino used to thank loyal players’ bonuses. Mostly are given to VIP members. Likewise, each player has their own VIP level. The different level has different tiers to achieve. Moreover, the level is based on how long you normally go online and how often you bet. Besides, different VIP levels get different bonuses and enjoy different services.

  • Referral Bonus
    I’m sure Genting Sky casino doesn’t have this bonus. To attract more players, online casinos will have a referral fee bonus. Players get 10% of the referrer’s initial deposit. Let’s say today if its first deposit is RM1,000, then you can get an RM100 referral bonus.

  • VIP Member Privilege In Casino Online Malaysia
    Online casinos will take special care of VIP members. Some casinos also give big gifts, such as sports cars and watches, on a member’s birthday. These exclusive programs and services for VIP are not available to ordinary players. Of course, there are applicable terms and conditions for becoming a VIP.


So, I hope you got a lot of value out of my guidance about casino online Malaysia.

I know there are many reasons above, but which one are you most interested in?

Which bonus and casino will be the reason you moved on to online casino?
Leave your answer at the comment section below!

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