Sun WuKong 918Kiss APK

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Sun WuKong

Sun WuKong Kiss918 APK
Sun WuKong Kiss918 APK

Since our prime minister, have announced that RMCO is extending to 31st December 2020. I bet you all must feel bored not be able to travel to other countries. No worries, I am gonna introduce one fantastic gambling game for you-Sun WuKong. It is a brand new online gambling game.

So, when you heard of Sun Wu Kong. I think most of you must be familiar with this name. As it is related to a very famous Chinese fantasy film. The name of the film is “Journey To The West”. If you have watched this film before. You sure will know about how brave the Sun Wu Kong is in the film.

Besides that, this game is available on the Kiss918 APK. You just need to download this application through the official website. Then register the Kiss918 account with our agent through telegram, whatapps, or WeChat. The steps are just as simple as that.

What Is Sun WuKong Kiss918 Malaysia Original?

First of all, once you entering the game. Players will find out that the reel system comes with 5 reels and 3 rows. It is using the classic way of the reel system. Other than that, the reel symbols in this game are filled with the elements of “Journey To The West” film.

In addition, there are 15 pay lines in this game. The pay line in this game is adjustable for the players. As a 918Kiss expert, I would like to suggest you choose all the pay lines. Since choosing more pay lines will lead to increase the winning chances for you! So, why not?

Apart from that, the bet amount in this game will be vary depending on the pay lines chosen. If you are choosing the least pay line. Then the bet amount is starts from RM 1 to RM 1000. Meanwhile, if you are choosing the highest pay lines. The bet amount starts from RM 15 to RM 15000.

The Best Free Bonus Ever Happening In 918Kiss Mobile Slot Game

918Kiss Free Credit
918Kiss Free Credit

In this game, you must pay attention to the wild and scatter symbols. As both of these symbols will be giving out the most impressive prizes. Therefore, once you know both of these symbols well. You will get the golden opportunity on winning like a pro.

For the wild symbol, it is replacing by a portrait of Sun Wu Kong. Whenever players get these symbols. You may get the chance on getting the highest multiplier which up to 5 times. All the prizes will be doubled up! Look, how fantastic this game is!

For the scatter symbol, what is amazing about this symbol? Whenever you get 3 or more of this symbol. You will get the chance on entering three different free game features. The free game feature is consisting of the valley of the sun, the mountain of fruit and flowers, and the kingdom of heaven.

Tips On Winning Non-Stop Kiss918 APK Download

Thus, as a 918Kiss expert here. I am gonna share with you all my experience in playing this slot. Since I have much experience of playing different slots. In order to get massive wins, you must focus on these few parts.

Firstly, once you get the chance on joining the free game feature. I will strongly recommend you on choosing the valley of the sun. As this feature is giving out the highest free spins up to 20 times when compared with the others. It might lead you to the road of wealth.

Secondly, you must understand all the basic features and instructions. Once you get to know all of this information. You are able to know which features you should focus the most while playing. For this game, other than focusing on the wild and scatter symbols. I would like to recommend you pay attention to the symbols of the Tang Sha Zhang and Zhu Ba Jie.

To Conclude

Thank you for reading the article above. If you find the article above is useful. You can go through the 918Kiss Official Website to find out more about us. Wish you have a good day and enjoy your game! Click here if you want to know more about King Derby Kiss918 APK.

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