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Official 918Kiss Malaysia
Official 918Kiss Malaysia

What is more suffering than not able to gamble? You all must be facing the issues during this RMCO period. Then what about playing online casino? Isn’t it more fun and convenient for you? I’m gonna introduce one online casino game for you here- Sicbo.

Sicbo is a game origin from Chinese culture. The concept of this game is by applying the concept of dice-based. There will be 3 dices using in this gambling game. The other names of Sicbo are known as dai sai, big and small, and hi-lo.

Hence, because of the Coronavirus pandemic issue. It led to many of the land-based casinos temporarily closed down. But please do no worries about this, as 918Kiss APK is providing various types of casino games for you.

What Is Sicbo Official 918Kiss Malaysia?

Moreover, this game is becoming very famous in the Philippines and Macau casinos at an early period. It is because of its easiness and speed. It is a quite simple and quick game for all the players. Therefore, it has attracted many people loving playing this game.

Thus, this game has even become popular in American casinos. Furthermore, this basic concept of this game is about players on guessing the dice number is big or small from the dealer. Firstly, players just need to place their betting amount on some of the areas in the game.

Other than that, the areas are including of big, small, each double 10:1, 180:1, 30:1, 1:1 on one dice, 2:1 on two dice, 3:1 on three dice. The big area is consisting of the numbers from 4 to 10. While the small area is consisting of the numbers from 11-17.

How Does It Work 918Kiss APK

Sicbo 918Kiss APK Original
Sicbo 918Kiss APK Original

In addition, the betting amount will start from a minimum of RM0.5 to a maximum of RM1000. Players can choose to place their betting amount based on their capabilities. Therefore, players must pay attention to placing the betting amount.

After players placing the betting amount. The dealer will start to shake three of the dices inside a small chest. Once done shaking the dice, the dealer will open the chest and show the combination.

Apart from that, one of the basic rules of Sicbo is if any triple appears. Players will be considered as lost. Hence, this game is just easy to play like ABC. This is because the possibility of triple appears is low. It shows the winning opportunity of the players is high.

Pro Tips On Winning In 918Kiss Android APK

As a 918Kiss expert, I would like to give you some valuable suggestions for winning this game.

  • Betting amount: For all the new beginners, you should place the betting amount in the range of RM0.5 to RM100. As it is the safest amount based on my experience.
  • Source of downloading: You should download the 918Kiss APK from the 918Kiss official website. This is because there is a lot of fake websites. The fake website might lead the virus to your 918Kiss APK.
  • Speed of the game system: Wanna experience the fast speed of playing online casino games? One of the biggest tips is to make sure you are connecting with the WiFi system.

Above are the tips I have given in gaining higher chances of winning the games. If still have any enquirers, please browse through our 918Kiss official website. There will be a live chat customer service session for you.

In Conclusion

Last but not least, hope you already have a further understanding of this game on 918Kiss APK. Have a good day and enjoy your online casino games. Click here if you want to know more about Cleopatra’s Gold 918Kiss APK Malaysia.

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