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MEGA888 Review 2021 – The Slot That Can Make You More Than A Million

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There are so many interesting online gambling platforms in Southeast Asia, such as Mega888, 918Kiss, Pussy888, and Clubsuncity. Besides, it is not only famous in Malaysia but in recent years, a lot of players have spread on many Southeast Asian countries, such as Singapore, Cambodia, Brunei, and Myanmar.

Besides, although almost every online gambling platform is similar to others, but Mega-888 manages to stand out because of its personal charm. Let’s explore and find out what’s attractive about this game.

What Is Mega888 Original APK?

Mega-888 is the most perfect online gambling platform. On the other hand, it is popular in Southeast Asian countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Brunei, and Myanmar.

It is not accidental that Mega888 has become popular in recent years. After all, apart from its simple operation and interface. The most important thing is that its odds are higher than other products.

Also, people gamble just to earn more pocket money. So, no matter what age group you are, young or old, this game is easy to play. Besides, no matter whether you have gambling experience or not, we will give you professional guidance just to let you win the game easily.

There are also statistics show that over a million new users have downloaded the game this year. Although most of the reason is because of the 918Kiss maintenance. But I want to let you know that you are not alone in the battle. You have a group of people working hard with you to achieve a dream.

Mega-888 Tips Sharing 2020-2021

  1. Although this game can be played on Android and iPhone. But if you have an Android phone and you keep losing, you can try switching to an iPhone so that you can actually increase your winning ratio.

  2. On the other hand, don’t be fooled by the big Jackpot because most of them are hard to win. They are just advertising gimmicks. I recommend that players focus on the minor prizes, which are small in amount but easy to achieve.

  3. In addition, players can try to bank-in a different amount of money each time.

  4. If you still can’t win, try deleting the game and re-downloading it or rebooting the mobile device.

  5. Besides, players can also practice using the Xe88 trial account before they start gambling with real money.

  6. Players can ask the customer service executive about the most popular games played today, and then focus on it.

  7. Last but not least, this is the last method, and by far the most used by the Mega888 players. If you haven’t won any money you can try asking customer executives to change your game account.

Maintenance Of Official Mega888

In fact, no matter what software it is, we need it to be updated regularly. In order to let the players have the best gaming experience, we will maintain it once a month. But the players don’t have to worry about it because every time the maintenance will be completed within a day.

There are exceptions, of course. If there is a large maintenance that could be indefinitely lockout for a period. Besides, every maintenance Mega888 will not give any notification. So, each player should be prepared.

What Kind Of Games Can I Played In Mega-888?

I know this is the most curious and anticipated segment for all the players. The game in Mega-888 not only have slot machines but also the real person mode. Here I’m going to list a few games that are more widely played for your reference.

If you are looking for online gambling that is easy to win and has clear graphics; I believe Mega-888 is what you are looking for.

  • RobinHood,Alice,SteamTower,DragonMaiden,AfricanWildLife,LotusLegend,BigWincat,SilentRun,FootballCarnival,StoneAge,RanchStory,GodOfWealth,Iceland,IrishLuck,ThaiParadise,Wealth,HighwayKing,ThreeKingdoms,Circus, etc.

Is Mega-888 A Secure Online Gambling Platform?

Of course, it’s safe. In order to prevent hackers from breaking into the system, we have specially hired more than 10 programmers from Google with high salaries. So, players can play with confidence.

On the other hand, no matter it is your game account or your personal information; we will do everything we can to keep it confidential. Besides, we have not cheated any player in our business to date. Because we know that the success of a company depends on its reputation.

More importantly, our customer service executives are well-trained. If you encounter any problems during the gambling, we are 24/7 ready to solve your problems.

Which Mobile Device Does Mega-888 Support?

As a well-known online gambling game, you can download this game as long as you have a mobile phone. Moreover, no matter it is Android or iOS devices, you can download this APK. Then, you can start your gambling career. However, the only condition to download this game is that you must have a stable Internet.

Besides, after downloading the game, players need to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the download. However, before entering the game, players must enter the game account given by the agent then only you can start gambling.

How To Become A Mega888 Agent?

In fact, anyone can be an agent, you don’t need any qualifications to be a part of us. But as Official Mega888 agents, you have to make sure you have enough capital to lose to players because we take integrity very seriously.

Why You Must Try Mega888?

As the most downloaded game in Southeast Asia, don’t you wonder what the appeal is the APK? 

Test ID

If you are really interested in Mega888, you don’t need to register or deposit first. Because there is Mega888 Test ID for players to try out. 


The epidemic in Malaysia is getting worse and worse. During this time, EMCO has been implemented. Therefore, if you don’t have reasonable reasons, you are not allowed to travel across continents and counties. But for those who want to gamble, don’t worry. The Mega888 APK is so convenient that you can experience all the casino games at home.


If you win money at Mega 888, only the agent and you know about it. Moreover, the Mega 888 company will not reveal the player’s information and win-lose to any third-party.

Various Bonus

In Mega 888 players can choose the bonus they want on each deposit. Besides, each agent is going to set their own bonus promotion. Therefore, if you deposit RM30, and you pick the 20% bonus, your game credit will be RM36. Also, that’s what the land-based casino doesn’t have.

Free Credit Non-Deposit & Angpao

In order to retain players, some agents will give free credit or Angpao to players after they deposit a certain amount of money. More importantly, the Mega 888 system will also randomly distribute Angpao to players, which you can choose to withdraw immediately or use as your own capital.

MEGA888 Review 2021

MEGA888 Review

Have you withdrawn your EPF money through the EPF i-Sinar program from the government? If you have done so, are you planning to double or triple it? If that is your intention, then invest your money in playing the MEGA888 original games at MEGA888 online casino. You may stop to think why MEGA888 original games and by the way who is this MEGA888 online casino in the first place. To answer these questions we have to know more about MEGA888 online casino.

Preface to MEGA888 online casino

MEGA888 online casino is the brainchild of Michael Tan, a Malaysian from Taiping Perak. Michael came from a humble background where he had to work hard to get everything he needed. His asset was his intelligence and diligence. He took a 4-year degree course in Information Technology and upon completing it got a job as an IT developer creating video games.

From a young age Michael loved to play online internet games and when creating video games became his career, he enjoyed it very much. It clearly showed in his work and he received several awards from his bosses for the awesome video games he produced.

During this period Michael also worked as an agent for a famous online casino. He learned all the tips and tricks of playing at an online casino and this must have been his inspiration to start his own company. With a team of 10, he stated MT Ventures Sdn Bhd. Thus, came MEGA888 online casino into the online casino arena.

MEGA888 gave only MEGA888 original games for all its members to download and play. Within a short period, MEGA888 online casino reached the top position in the hearts of many Malaysians.

A lot of Malaysians feel that MEGA888’s success is because the founder is a Malaysian. Being a Malaysian gives gamers a lot of trust and confidence. Whereas another group feels that Michael is employing great marketing strategies to boost MEGA888 original games in the casino industry.

What are Michael’s strategies?

Since Michael is an avid casino gamer himself plus being a game developer, he must have planned carefully on how to run MEGA888 online casino. So, these are the things that he made sure MEGA888 gave to all its customers.

  1. Easy registration and sign up.

  2. No hassle in signing up and registering for new gamers. All will be by the support team in a matter of minutes.

  3. Easy to get the MEGA888 original installers.

  4. Upon registering, a MEGA888 original installer link is sent to your email account. This original installer gives you choices for android, Apple, and PC downloads. 

  5. Easy to deposit and withdraw money.

  6. The support team is available 24 by 7 to assist all gamers. If you face any problems in depositing or withdrawing your money at MEGA888, they will be most glad to help you out.
  7. Easy to talk to the support team.

  8. The support team is very approachable. They are there to solve all issues faced by gamers at MEGA888 online casino. They give great tips in playing the MEGA888 original games and which games yield the most returns on a small bet.

  9. Easy to play games.

  10. MEGA888 gives slot, table, and arcade games in different levels of difficulty. The support team will advise which easy slot game to start with and then build your way up.
How Secure Is MEGA888 APK
Is It Safe To Play In MEGA888?

This is the most asked question by any new gamer who joins MEGA888. Safety and security are 2 areas MEGA888 is very big on. They want to provide all gamers the peace of mind when playing MEGA888 original games. Their security starts at the moment the installer link is sent through the mail.

MEGA888 has a strong firewall that protects all data from hackers and violators. All hackers and violators can and will be put behind bars as MEGA888 is a fully licensed casino. It is safe to say that all your personal information is under a tight lock and key.

Games Available in MEGA888

All the games on MEGA888 are well-designed with creative themes and animations. In addition to this, MEGA888 original games come with soundtracks specially customized to bring out the best gaming experience. The most popular type of game preferred by online gamblers on MEGA888 is online slots. This is mainly because they have a high win rate. Players flock to slot games to try their luck.
Here are 6 popular slot games in MEGA888. They are:

5 Fortune

If you love slot games, then 5 Fortune is a game you cannot miss out on. This slow-paced online slot game with golden aesthetics on every spin has 15 pay lines as well as an adjustable denomination, not to mention the free spins you can get at every corner.

7 Crazy

7 Crazy is a simple yet addictive game that you can easily learn how to play. With only one pay line, all the gamer has to do is to place a bet and click spin. The game will do the rest for you. The appeal of this slot game makes it a great game for new gamers.

Da Sheng Nao Hai

If fishing thrills you, then Da Sheng Nao Hai is a game you have to play. This is a fun, addictive, and challenging game that will keep you glued to your seat and mobile screen for hours. It is a game for you to try.

8-Ball Slots

This classic game with its minimalistic pool-inspired design makes it iconic and attractive to play. Over the years, the game’s design has improved. You just cannot resist this slot game.

Aladdin Wishes

This is a mystical slot game that is popular among players who like fantasy games. You will find genies and flying carpets in this game, similar to those in Disney movies. It is truly an exciting game to play.

African Wildlife

If you love wildlife, then you will like to play this game. It features different animals in the zoo, and you will feel like you are on a jungle tour through Africa. This interactive video game offers an awesome experience you will fall in love with.

Browse if you want to download the Xe88.

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