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The Best Online Casino In Malaysia: Mega888 Original

Why Mega888 Original is the best online casino in Malaysia? “Mega” in Chinese, it means big, while “888” means lucky. Want to know more? Let’s dive right in.

With the Mega888, you not only can enjoy the excitement of casino. But also winning thousand at once in the slot game and table games. Moreover, this casino game is available on both Android and iOS devices, which means now you can gamble anytime at any where.

Furthermore, Mega88 promises to give players the best gambling experience. Besides, the service you enjoy here is definitely not available at Xe88 and Kiss918.

What’s more, Mega888 has its own Facebook and Instagram. They will interact with players on social platforms. It’s a great idea by the Mega88. Because not only will you build a good relationship with the player. On the other hand, you’ll also make sure that the player won’t missed out any latest update or news.

With all these, I believe you can’t reject if someone invited to try Mega 888. Am i right?

Will CMCO Malaysia Impact Mega888 Original Business?

CMCO Klang
CMCO Klang

No it won’t. The implementation of the conditional movement control order (CMCO) in Klang will only apply to the subdistrict and not the entire district. Moreover, our main office is in Kuala Lumpur. And we are running online business.

On the other hand, it doesn’t matter if Kuala Lumpur implements CMCO too. Because if this happen, the online casino will specifically rents a place in that area for their staff to work.

So, players don’ have to worry. Mega888 Original online casino will continue online and provide you the best service.

Can I Use Bantuan Prihatin (BPN) 2.0 For Mega888?

Bantuan Prihatin Mega888 Original
Bantuan Prihatin Mega888 Original

Yes you can, but we don’t recommend you to do so. Because this is the money that the government gives you as a living allowance. The (BPN) 2.0 is for you to buy necessities, not to gamble.

How To Apply Bantuan Prihatin (BPN) 2.0?

Click here and it will take you directly to the application page. While applying players can check their compliance with the above terms.

How To Become An Agent Mega888 Original?

Mega888 Original Agent Register

You need to purchases points from the online casino. Minimum capital to become an agent is RM300. You will receive about 800 points. Besides, you will be given a Mega888 Original Kiosk to operate your own online casino business. You can use that Kiosk to open accounts for players, top up credits, clear credits, and many more.

How To Get Mega 888 Free Credit?

Mega888 Free Credit Non-Deposit 2020
Mega888 Free Credit Non-Deposit 2020

Just register then you will receive free credit from the Mega888 Original online casino. But if you play with free credit, Mega 888 will set a target for you to hit. Once you archive, then only you are able to withdraw. For more info about Mega free credit, kindly check on Mega888 Malaysia FAQ.

How Covid-19 Impact Mega888 Original Casino Business?

How Covid-19 Impact The Online Casino Malaysia
How Covid-19 Impact The Online Casino Malaysia

This epidemic has been going on for almost a year and a lot of players have lost their jobs. Without a job to support them, they have no extra money to spend on online gambling. Moreover, compared with last year, the number of players in Mega888 Original has decreased by nearly 50%.

For months, though, Mega 888 has been actively looking for ways to attract players with limited-time promotions. But the effect is not as good as expected.

Who Is The Trusted Mega888 Company?

Trusted Online Casino Malaysia 2020
Trusted Online Casino Malaysia 2020

Joker13 is the trusted and reliable Mega 888 company in Malaysia. Moreover, they has been in online casino industry about 12 years. You can see what players are saying about him on social media platform. Also, you can even request to join their Telegram group and Facebook group. Every night at 8pm Joker13 will send free credit and share game tips of the day in the group too.

What Is The Easiest Game To Win In Mega888 Original?

Mega888 Original Login
Mega888 Original Login

Blackjack is the easiest casino game to win in Mega 888 Original. Furthermore, you have up to 50% chance of winning in this casino game. Because you’re playing against the dealer not the world champion poker player.

In Conclusion

I hope this article helps you to understand more about the Mega888 APK.

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