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MEGA888 Online – The Untold Secret Of MEGA888 Online | By Joker13

These recent years, the online casino has begun to be accepted by Malaysians. This makes Mega888 online casino business getting better and better. Especially in the past six months due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Genting Sky casino doesn’t allow people to enter when you’re not a Genting member.

More than 1million players log on to Mega888 APK every day. And this is why these days online casinos are slowly over-taking land-based casinos.

Benefits 1 Mega888 Online: Convenience

How Convenient Is Mega888 Original
How Convenient Is Mega888 Original

People are slowly turning to online casinos because of their convenience. Thank you for the progressive development of technology. Now, you can play Mega888 Original anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, Mega888 Online has over 100 casino games for you to choose from. You not only can play by yourself. On the other hand, you can also play with players from all around Malaysia.

In the past, you might have to dress up before going casino. Isn’t it tiring? In online casinos, you no longer have to discipline yourself. You can play in any position you want. This is what the casino should be, let people relax and enjoy themself.

Benefits 2: Free Credit Mega888 Online

Free Credit Non-Deposit 2020
Free Credit Non-Deposit 2020

The second benefit of online casinos is free credit. Mega888 online casinos will use free credit promotion to attract customers. Furthermore, most players also use free credit to improve their gambling skills and experience.

Benefits 3: Deposit Options

How To Deposit In Mega888 Original
How To Deposit In Mega888 Original

In land-based casinos, players are only allowed to exchange cash for poker chips. But in online casinos, we have all kinds of payment options for players like online banking, WeChat pay, and many more. With these payment methods, players no longer have to carry cash with them. Besides, it is much more safe and convenient.

Benefits 4: Betting Limit

Trusted Online Casino Malaysia
Trusted Online Casino Malaysia

You have to be a VIP member in the land-based casino, in order to increase the betting limit. Ordinary members are only allowed to bet according to the standard bet limit. However, at Mega888 Online, players can ask the agent to increase the maximum bet no matter what tier you are.

Benefits 5: Various Bonuses

Free Play Mega888
Free Play Mega888

Welcome Bonus and Reload Bonus is one of the best benefits for online casinos. Moreover, each agent Mega888 Online will have its own promotions to attract customers. The bonus percentage is different for each agent. Likewise, the withdrawal standard is different too.

Besides, the land-based casino doesn’t provide these bonuses. This is why gamblers now are more likely to play online casinos.

Preface Of MEGA888 Online

The Hottest Mobile Slot Malaysia - MEGA888 Online
The Hottest Mobile Slot Malaysia – MEGA888 Online

MEGA888 Online is a fairly new casino gaming platform provider in the casino gaming industry. Since launching in 2018, it has quickly become one of the hottest online casinos that many gamers seek and hunt. It is very popular in Malaysia and Asia due to its rich variety of themes and high odds.

Moreover, MEGA888 Online has more than a hundred different types of online slot games. There is always one to satisfy each gamer as the slot games have different unique themes and layouts. Other than that, it provides free trials too. After registering as a member, gamers get free trials on many selected games. Through this, gamers can find the games that best suit them and start betting with real money. If you want to win big in slot games, MEGA888 is your best choice.

Specialties of MEGA888 Online

The secret behind the quick climb to the success of MEGA888 Online is the skillful team of professionals who built and support the platform. MEGA888 team is determined to create a secure and high-quality entertainment environment for the players. It also provides:

  1. A simple and user-friendly game interface.
  2. Slot games that please gamers that touch on their preferences.
  3. Lively audiovisuals with energetic background music.
  4. Exclusive arcade game category.
  5. Supports the Android and iOS systems.
  6. High odds yields that give high rewards.
  7. Stable and convenient betting system.
  8. High jackpot accumulation.
  9. There is a beginner’s guide to help gamers to become familiar with the games.
  10. Free trials for the players to get to know the games well before betting with real money.
  11. Secured and effortless automatic deposit and withdrawal systems.
3 Gamers’ Favorite MEGA888 Online Slot Games

MEGA888 Online has more than a hundred slot games. Below are the three of the most famous slot games that all gamers love and adore.

Mega888 Sea World

Sea World Mobile Slot Game
Sea World Mobile Slot Game

Sea World is a 3-axis, 8-pay-line video slot with autoplay, bonus rounds, free spins, multiple jackpots, multipliers, and scatter symbols.

Mega888 Shining Star

Shinning Star Slot Game Malaysia
Shinning Star Slot Game Malaysia

You will notice that a super bright blue star appears only on reels 2, 3, and 4. It gives way to the sparkling stars by covering all three reel positions to expand the wildness. Besides, replacing other symbols and completing the victory, it will also re-rotate the other reels, which provides an additional chance of winning.

Mega888 Sea Captain

Sea Captain Slots
Sea Captain Slots

Take a long trip on the RTG Sea Captain slot machine. This slot shows a marine theme and a lively cartoon image on the reel. If you like the sea, fishing, or even diving, please rotate the scrolls of the vivid slots to win prizes for future sea voyages. The progressive video slot features 5 reels of 25 lines, a RM50,000 top jackpot, and free spins. Earn random jackpots any time you spin!

Comparing MEGA888 with 918Kiss

MEGA888 Vs. 918Kiss
MEGA888 Vs. 918Kiss

918Kiss online has been a famous online casino in the casino gaming platform for years. The games are quite well known and easy to play. It is popular in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei.

918Kiss Online has a very attractive design and layout that can attract even more online casino players. This was what many online casino gamers were saying until MEGA888 Online came into the online casino’s limelight. So, now arises the question of which is better, MEGA888 Online or 918Kiss Online?

MEGA888 Online is a Malaysian brand product as it was Michael Tan’s brainchild. Michael with his team of 10 gave their very best in making MEGA888 Online a success.

It gave the best gameplay experience in each game, easy registration, easy depositing, and easy winning withdrawal. Plus, together with an awesome support team MEGA888 Online won hearts and became the pastime love of many gamers.

Are these the only reasons for MEGA888 Online’s climb to the top?

Of course not! Michael came from a family that worked hard to make ends meet and he knew that he had to help Malaysians out in any way he could. Michael made sure that MEGA888 Online gave a lot of jackpots and MEGA888 Angpao randomly but regularly.

When the Covid-19 pandemic kicked in, Michael made sure that the chances of winning the jackpots and MEGA888 Angpao became more frequent. This is so evident on the internet and newspapers of many Malaysians winning the jackpots and MEGA888 Angpao.

Another thing that boosted MEGA888 Online was that since November 23rd 918Kiss Online website has been under maintenance. Its been under maintenance for nearly one and half months now and speculations are running high that the owner of 918Kiss is sick because of Covid-19. Many of the loyal gamers from 918Kiss online waited but to no avail. The pandemic was driving them to look for other casinos to make some money and thus MEGA8888 online gave them the breakthrough.

MEGA888 Online too has maintenance done regularly but the maximum time MEGA888 Online takes is just a few hours or a maximum of half a day. Therefore, with these 2 points, MEGA888 Online has become the most favorite online casino among Malaysians and even Asians.

Why Malaysian Prefer To Download MEGA888 Online?

Why Malaysian Loves To Download MEGA888
Why Malaysian Loves To Download MEGA888

Since the dawn of the Covid-19 pandemic on Malaysians, Michael has been fighting hard to help out the government and Malaysia. Genting Highlands is not accessible at all and so a big source of revenue is gone and thus affecting Malaysia’s growth.

MEGA888 Online being an online business is all set to help boost the government’s economy. That is why you can see a lot of jackpots and MEGA888 Angpao being given out and being won by Malaysians at a pandemic time like this.

Not only MEGA888 Online is helping Malaysians make money but it is also helping them to relax during the lockdowns. Stories say on the internet that many have gone insane and mad after being cooped up in the house with no work. Thus gaming through MEGA888 Online games teaches gamers the art of relaxation and learn the art of having a fighting spirit.

In A Nutshell

Of all the benefits mentioned above, which one do you think is the reason for you to play Mega888 Online?

So, it’s my turn to ask you. Do you prefer land-based casinos or Mega888? Leave your answer in the comment section below now!

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