How Covid-19 Impact MEGA888 Online Casino Business

MEGA888 Online Casino – Find Out How Covid-19 Impact MEGA888 Online Casino Business

A young or old, new or seasoned player, all are chanting the name MEGA888 Online Casino. It has been around for a few years in the online casino gaming circle but in 2020 MEGA888 has come to the limelight and stardom that no one expected. Just like a silent black horse, it has pushed its way to the top amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

What is the secret behind MEGA888 Online Casino’s sudden climb to success? This I something that we need to delve into.

1. Local Brand

Support Local Brand - MEGA888 Malaysia
Support Local Brand – MEGA888 Malaysia

Firstly, MEGA888 Online Casino is a Malaysian brand. Its founder is Michael Tan, a small-town guy from Taiping Perak. Being an IT developer himself, Michael was able to design the best in everything for the Malaysian gamer.

The games he made were of the latest state of technology that incorporated awesome audiovisual effects that gave marvelous thematic gameplay. Due to this gameplay, many gamers played for hours rooted in their seats as there is a variety of games to capture everyone’s heart.

2. Customer Support

Professional Customer Support Online Casino
Professional Customer Support Online Casino

Secondly, customer support is the best Michael could give 24 by 7. The customer support team handles new registration, depositing money, and withdrawing the winnings. It is at the beck and call of customers to solve any form of issues and problems faced.

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3. Huge Winnings

Huge Winning In MEGA888 Online Casino
Huge Winning In MEGA888 Online Casino

Thirdly, the winnings were huge even for a simple game. Placing a small bet on a simple game yields very high returns.

4. Bonus And Promotions

Variety Bonus And Promotion
Variety Bonus And Promotion

Fourthly, they give out a lot of bonuses in the form of jackpots and MEGA888 Angpao that come randomly but regularly. This is something all gamers want and prefer from an online casino.

5. Withdrawal Process

Lastly, the payout process is easy breezy. No-fuss and no hassle. If you work closely with the customer support team, the payout process will be a matter of an hour or so.

How Covid-19 Impact MEGA888 Online Casino Business?

The Total Number Of Registered Members Of MEGA888 Online Casino
The Total Number Of Registered Members Of MEGA888 Online Casino

Covid-19 pandemic has caused great impacts on many businesses worldwide and in Malaysia too. Some have wrapped up and closed shop. The pandemic has caused many businesses to go online and thus no more physical retail stores in Malaysia.

But from the start, MEGA888 has been an online business as Michael did not want to break any Islamic laws governing casinos. With no physical appearance in Malaysia and being online, MEGA888 is the first fully licensed online casino in Malaysia.

Therefore, has Covid-19 caused any impact on Online Casino? Yes, it has but in a good way. It has caused the Online Casino business to bloom as many people had to stay home during the lockdowns that the Malaysian government implemented.

Besides, many lost their jobs and had no steady income. They had a lot of free time and nothing to do. Thus, Malaysians turned their attention towards MEGA888 Online Casino. Many success stories have come out in the newspapers and on the internet of many Malaysians winning huge jackpot prizes during the lockdown.

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Another factor that favored MEGA888 is that people could not go to Genting Highland to play their favorite casino games. Therefore, MEGA888 Online Casino came to the people in the comfort of their homes. No need to dress up, no need to travel, and no need to spend extra money. All this extra money could be put into use in the casino games.

Are There Any Advertisements To Stimulate MEGA888 Sales?

Advertisment To Boost Online Casino Sales
Advertisment To Boost Online Casino Sales

MEGA888 Online Casino is very big on promoting itself through advertisements. In this digital era, social media play a greater role in advertisements.

Thus, you can see a lot of YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, Instagram posts, and even Tik Tok videos. Through these social media platforms, thousands and thousands of people are reached. The sales have gone up for MEGA888 Online Casino and thus reaching the top spot currently.

If I Am Unfortunately Infected With COVID-19, Can I play MEGAA888 In The Quarantine Area?

To be truthful, this is something that MEGA888 Online Casino is not doing. There might be games doing this but the number of games in MEGA888 Online Casino itself is enough to keep you occupied for at least a year.

How Will MEGA888 Online Casino Compensate Players Who Are Unfortunately Infected With COVID-19?

It does not mean that if you have Covid-19, they will compensate you. MEGA888 Online Casino has been and will continue to support and give back to the Malaysian community.

This is through the high jackpot wins and MEGA888 Angpao that come very often and regularly. Through these bonuses, many Malaysians have benefitted. Besides, they have won thousands of dollars and leading a better life now.

Michael, the founder came from a middle-class family and he knows how hard it is to survive without money. Thus, through MEGA888 Online Casino, he ensures that the community gets back a lot. It’s more like paying it forward.

In simple even if you have Covid-19, it will not and cannot stop the gamers from playing the games at MEGA888. Just one piece of advice to play with care for those infected as health is the biggest wealth.

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