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Mega888 Kiosk – Have You Desired To Be An Online Casino Entrepreneur?

Have you desired to be an online entrepreneur for a long period of time? At the same time enjoy what you are doing while earning money? Do you want to be your own boss and make more money for savings? If ‘YES’ is the answer to all of the questions above, look no further !! You can achieve all these by becoming a Mega888 Agent and gaining access to the Mega888 Kiosk.

Assurance Given By Casinos To A New Mega888 Agent

Mega888 Agent Login
  1. Firstly, you do not need to have any website of your own. The Casino you are going to sign up with will provide free web advertisements.

  2. No experience needed as the casino will provide you training on Mega888 Kiosk.

  3. No need to invest any money of your own.

  4. As a Mega 888 Agent, you will get high commissions in return. This will guarantee payouts on a regular basis.

  5. There will be something special (extra percentage payout) for the top-ranking Agents associated with the Casino they have signed up.
The Only Things Needed In Being A Mega 888 Agent are:
  1. Agents have to be IT Savvy by knowing about social media platforms available currently.

  2. Enjoy playing online games.

  3. Keen on working hard and making big bucks.

How To Apply Mega888 Kiosk ID?

Mega888 Agent Kiosk
Mega888 Agent Kiosk

Upon being appointed as a Mega888 Agent, you are now an authorized agent and can apply for a Mega888 Kiosk ID. Besides, the ultimate task of the Mega888 Kiosk ID is to enable you to recruit and manage a pool of players under you. Furthermore, the kiosk will allow you to manage the game credits of the players and monitor the player’s game performances. The kiosk is more like a player management tool for you at your fingertips.

How to become a Mega888 Agent?

Trusted Mega888 Agent
Trusted Mega888 Agent

Some of the most popular Online Casinos are providing this service of becoming a Mega888 Agent. Besides, all you have to do is to go to any one of those websites that are providing Mega888 Agent registration. Firstly, you must have WhatsApp or Wechat application on your smartphone.

Upon verification, they will respond back to you in a short period of time. On the other hand, you will be made known with some terms and conditions of the casino you are signing up with. Upon abiding by the casino’s terms and conditions, you will be duly appointed as an official Mega888 Agent. It’s that simple and hassle-free.

Recruiting Your Players With Mega888 Kiosk

Jackpot Tips
Mega888 Jackpot Tips

Once you are an appointed agent and have the Mega888 Kiosk ID, it’s time to recruit your players. Firstly, you can start your canvassing on social media platforms and reaching out to your group of friends, colleagues, and relatives. Furthermore, you can send mass emails or WhatsApp message about you being an appointed agent and how thrilling and exciting the games are.

The most important factor for you to shout out to them is the huge payouts and winnings from these games. This will be very attractive to those players who have been to casinos before and had a try at the games there. The fun factor of having it at their fingertips makes it even more excitable. The more players you recruit the better the commission payout is for you.

Teaching Your players How To Download Mega888

Download APK Mega
Download APK Mega
Mega888 Kiosk Download

Upon recruiting your players, it becomes your duty to now teach them how to download Mega888. Since its transition from SCR888 to Mega888 Online and it being smartphone or mobile devices friendly. Therefore, you have to guide the players on downloading the application. You as the Mega888 Agent have to guide the players to websites where the files needed for installation are easily downloadable.


When you own kiosks, you have become a part of us. Also, your actions will affect Mega888’s reputation. Therefore, I hope every agent can provide the best service to players and make MEGA888 the most popular gambling game in Malaysia.

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