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Today I’d like to introduce you to another online gambling platform. It’s called Mega888 APK. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, the previous article we taught everyone how to win money in Kiss918. Well, for those who are interested can click here to read an article. 

Although it’s not the same name as 918Kiss but it’s the work of the same programmer. Furthermore, there’s a lot of variety in this game, from poker to slot machines. So, if you’re bored with Kiss918, you should try this game!

Well, due to the application from the same programmer, the game interface is very similar. Moreover, the interface is easy to use for players of all ages. On the other hand, the video and picture quality of the game is based on the latest 3D animation technology.

Mega888 is the easiest to win money and the most fun platform. Imagine how happy it would be if a gambling game that could only be played on a computer was optimized to play on a mobile phone.

Besides, if you want to play any casino game today, it’s easy and convenient. All you need to do is download this app and start playing anytime and anywhere.

Mega888 APK Tips To Win

Gambling is not just a matter of luck, which many players do not understand. Furthermore, players need many different skills to win money in gambling. Besides, it is also a good way to improve their personal gambling skills by practice more with test IDs. Here I will share with you the things that most players will do in order to win in Mega888. But I don’t guarantee it will work every time. You may try it out if you are interested.

  1. There are over 300 slot games to choose from. But not every one of them will work for you. So, the best way to do this is to find a slot machine that works for you.

  2. It’s not easy at first for new players, because every time you play, you just lose money. So, new players are recommended to practice with demo accounts first. Then your gambling skills will improve as you practice over and over again.

  3. Ensure your Mega888 APK is download from the official download site. Because pirated version Mega888 not only will harm your mobile device but also let you lose money.

  4. Although the game provides players with automatic betting. It is not recommended to use the autoplay feature because the Mega888 system will not let lazy people win money.

  5. Last but not least, we strongly recommend that players do not start the game immediately after you bank-in. Ensure you ask the customer service executive first which game will win money today.

How To Check Mega888 Score Log?

Many times when players gamble, they will find that the score in the game is getting lesser and lesser. But they are not sure is they played with it or if the agent accidentally buckled it.

At this time, besides notifying the agent to check. The player can also click the function of the score log at the bottom of the game. This function will show how much the players have and won since the beginning. Moreover, the record is updated every day without any mistakes.

Google And Get The MEGA888 Hack

Can I Hack Mega888 APK?

Mega888 APK has become one of the favorite games for players in Southeast Asia. Besides it is easy to earn huge profits, it’s also easy to hack.

So, those of you who are interested in trying to hack Mega888 should try Google Mega888 Hack. Players can get all kinds of hacking methods on google. Moreover, even if they use the hacking methods to win money, Mega888 will still pay the player the full amount of money. So, what are you waiting for? Get together with your friends and do some research on this game now!!

Before doing this, of course, players need to make sure that their Mega888 application is download from our official download site.

Train With MEGA888 Test ID

How To Practice Mega888?

Players are not advised to start bank-in immediately after downloading the game. We suggest that players use Mega888 TEST ID to practice more to familiar with each game paytable.

On the other hand, the player is advised to study the coefficients of each symbol. You can just click on the upper-right “Help” section to check the odds and rules of the game.

Where To Download MEGA888 APK

Where can I get this MEGA888 APK?

The only place you should get your MEGA888 APK installer is from an authorized dealer like Joker13. Joker13 is also from MEGA888’s umbrella. You can approach the support team of Joker13 and they will assist you in getting the MEGA888 APK installer. The rule of thumb is that you will need to sign-up and register as a member with MEGA888 online casino and the next minute the MEGA888 APK installer link will come in the mail to you. It is that simple and easy.

MEGA888 APK has many benefits. There are 10 to be exact. Let us take a look at each one of them.


The founder of MEGA888 is a Malaysian plus he is an avid casino gamer. Thus, there was only 1 thing in his mind when he started MEGA888. That one thing was convenience.

He wants the gamers to experience the convenience right from the start when they register, when they get their MEGA888 APK installer, when they play the games and win and when they get their payouts for their winning. This is the winning factor that draws many gamers to MEGA888.

Endless options

MEGA888 APK installer gives endless options to all its gamers. When you install the MEGA888 APK package, all options will be upon you to pick and choose from. The multitude of games itself is enough to make every gamer jump in joy. There will never be a dull moment as there are so many games to try and the options are endless.

Fast Transactions

After installing the games on your android mobile device, the support team will help you out in making fast transactions in depositing money in your account. Likewise, they will also be fast in helping you make withdrawals of your winnings to your local banks. No-fuss, no hassle. All transactions take place at lightning speed.

Bonuses And Special Offers

Upon registration and installation of the MEGA888 APK package, the support team gives out various bonuses to the gamers. There is a 100% welcome bonus, 20% daily reload bonus, birthday bonus, jackpots, and MEGA888 Angpao. Free credits are yours as a bonus and this will help you kick start your gameplay.

Pure Fun

The MEGA888 APK package is pure fun as there are over 100 slot games, table games, and arcade games. There is always something for everyone at any time. Each game sings its own accolade. Most gamers love to start with slot games as they are the easiest to play and the returns are always high. Here are some slot games in MEGA888 that will interest you.

  1. 7 Crazy
  2. 5 Fortune
  3. Da Sheng Nao Hai
  4. Aladdin’s Wishes
  5. Wolf Hunter
  6. African Wildlife
  7. Dragon Maiden
  8. 8-Ball Slots
  9. Steam Tower

The above slot games at MEGA888 casino are visually appealing and have amazing gameplay mechanics and storylines. More importantly, the games come in high resolution that captures the heart of young and old.

Free Credit

There are 2 kinds of free credits here from MEGA888. One form of free credit is the welcome bonus to help you kick start the gameplay. You can use this free credit on any games and if you win, you can cash out the winnings. The other form of free credit is through the test id account. You can play most of the games in MEGA888 but if you win, you cannot withdraw the money from your winning.

Helping People

The founder of MEGA888 came from an average family where they had to work hard to make ends meet. Thus, he worked hard and became a billionaire. Since he knew how tough it is to survive in this economy with no money, MEGA888 helps people out very frequently. It comes in the form of jackpots and MEGA888 Angpao.

Many Malaysians have won these jackpots and Angpao. Plus, during the pandemic, the regularity of these jackpots have increased. This is MEGA888’s way of giving back to the country.

Supporting Local Brand

MEGA888 is a local homegrown brand started by Michael Tan. So, his MEGA888 APK package is around games that many Malaysians are familiar with. Most of them are from Chinese folklore and fairy tales. Well isn’t this what most gamers grew up with.

Progressive Jackpot

The MEGA888 progressive jackpot is a jackpot that increases each time the game is in play and no one wins the jackpot. When the progressive jackpot is won, the jackpot for the next play is reset to a new value and resumes increasing under the same rule.

Double Up The Amount After Withdraw EPF-iSINAR

Recently the Malaysian government made the rules a little lax by allowing Malaysians to withdraw their EPF money from account 1 under the EPF-iSINAR scheme.

At first, Malaysians were not happy with this as it was their own EPF money they were dealing with. As time went by and the pandemic effect took a toll on many who had lost their jobs, they found this initiative from the government as a boon.

Many wanted to invest in stocks and shares but the stock market itself took a big hit. So, the next best choice was to try their luck at MEGA888 online casinos.

There are many inspiring stories in the newspapers and on the internet of Malaysians winning thousands of dollars at MEGA888. Therefore, many decided to double this EPF money and use it to tide over this pandemic period.

The secret behind winning at MEGA888 is to play regularly and to concentrate on only 1 game at a time. By this method, you stand to hit the jackpot bonus.

Be wise and play carefully. Know your limits well. Know when to stop and when to continue to play. Learn from your failures and shine as a MEGA888 winner.

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