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Mega888 Angpao – Your Chances Of Getting “Ang Pao” Bonus Credit

A hongbao/ang pow/angpao is a gift of money inserted into a red packet. Besides, they are often given as a token of good wishes during the Chinese New Year. Now, this auspicious tradition is being offered to all regular gamers in random as ‘Mega888 Angpao’ by Mega888.

This has raised the hype and many are curious about ways of increasing their chances of getting this Mega888 Angpao.

You Must Realize This!

Mega888 Angpao
Mega888 Angpao

Regular play and luck are the main driving forces behind getting Mega888 Angpao. Moreover, this is a special bonus credit awarded at random to regular gamers who visit religiously. On the other hand, statistics do show that several gamers have had the good fortune of receiving this virtual red packet more than once.

2 Tips For Increasing Chances of Hitting “Mega888 Angpao” Bonus Credits

Mega888 Angpau Tips
Mega888 Angpau Tips
Play Only One Slot Machine Title Regularly

Many gamers believe that by playing different Mega888 slot games, will increase their chances of getting the Mega888 Angpao. This perception is wrong. The best way to increase one’s chance of winning the “Mega888 Angpao” is to play regularly at the online casino with the same slot game.

Play At Mega888 Original Regularly And Ardently

Playing regularly and ardently at Mega888 Original will enable players to view the latest flash tips that the Mega 888 from time to time. Besides, such tips are important. Because the platform monitors which slot machine games have already released the “Mega888 AngPao” and which ones haven’t.

On that note, savvy online slot gamers also take notice of announcements about the newest “AngPao” winners, whilst making a note of the video slot game that awarded the bonus prize. There are over 130 slot games to play with at Mega 888. Players are recommended to track and know which of the slot titles have released the “AngPao” credits. Therefore, narrows down the list of titles that have the potential to yield the bonus prize.

Genuine And Official Registration as a Mega888 Angpao Member Is Important

Mega888 Online
Mega888 Online

Make doubly sure that you are playing as a verified Mega888 gamer to qualify for the AngPao wins. Verified gamers are those who have processed their membership registrations through an authorized official Mega888 website.

Besides, downloading and installing a Mega 888 app alone does not complete registration. Because the next step is to communicate with support staff via Telegram or Wechat. Furthermore, the chat support staff would determine if a gamer’s registration is complete or not. Before officially registering the gamer as a new member of the Mega 888.

A Word Of Advice

Luck comes and goes and no one can predict when you would get it. But, one thing is under your control about luck is that you must regularly play Mega888 casino slots to get the Mega888 AngPao. Moreover, do not let this become an obsession and let it take over your life. On the other hand, always be in control and remain calm and cool.

Enjoy the games and feel relaxed. If you strike the AngPao then luck is on your side. If you did not, then just wait patiently as lady luck will surely knock on your door one day. Patience is worth a million!

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