MEGA888 Agent – Become A MEGA888 Agent Today And Be Your Boss

I am sure all online casino gamers know about 918Kiss. It has been and is around the online casino gaming arena for years. As the years went by 918Kiss decided to spring a new surprise for its games. Thus, came into play MEGA888. Started only in 2019 but has gained fame in just 1 year. Due to MEGA888 popularity, many of the gamers after testing and playing all the games in MEGA888 want to become a MEGA888 Agent.

Why you may ask? Firstly, the gamers are already a member of MEGA888 earning big winnings. Secondly, gamers know that they can earn extra money through a commission by being an agent. What a wonderful opportunity? Being a MEGA888 Agent is easy if you know how to recruit your gamers and build an empire of gamers under you. This will give you a huge amount of money through commissions.

How To Become A MEGA888 Agent?

How To Become MEGA888 AGENT
How To Become MEGA888 AGENT

Well, that is very simple. Follow the smooth and easy process below:

  1. Find a trusted site to sign up and register as a MEGA888 member. To do this, you need to do a little bit of homework about finding an authorized MEGA888 online casino dealer.

  2. Once you have registered as a member, start playing the games in MEGA888 online casino.

  3. Learn some strategies, tips, and tricks along with your gaming sessions. If scared to test with real money, ask for the MEGA888 Test Id from the Live chat team.

  4. Once you are well familiarized with the game, approach the Live chat team again on how to become a MEGA888 Agent. They will be most obliged to guide you through the entire process.

Benefits Of Being A MEGA888 Agent


Once you have become a MEGA888 Agent, many benefits await you. Listed below are some for your reading pleasure.

Firstly, you will get access to the kiosk for MEGA888 Agent. Secondly, you can post advertisements there to promote yourself as a MEGA888 Agent.

Thirdly, you can start recruiting gamers under you and earn commissions through their gaming activities.

Fourthly, you have access to create player accounts for your members. You have the right to control the new members under you.

Thus, you have a player management control under you to keep close supervision on all your members’ activities.

Where And How To Recruit Members?

Since you have just started as an agent, you will be wondering where you can find players to play under your agent ID account.

Here Are A Few Simple Ways To Get Players

You may start by asking your close friends. See which of your friends likes playing at MEGA888 Casino and ask them to switch over to your side. Next, ask your friends to tell their friends and colleagues. In a few days, you will have at least 10 players under you. Soon enough, you will be thinking of how much percentage should you set for position-taking because there will be too many players under you. Here’s a friendly suggestion, just set the maximum position taking a percentage of 50% for every player in your account. That is the fastest way you will make money.



There is nothing much to think about in getting the agent ID. Register today and get the MEGA888 Agent ID. Start recruiting players to play under your account. Not to mention, you will also be able to open up an agent downline for yourself if you have friends who want to be an agent themselves too. Start today! Provide great customer service to your players under you. Share tips and tricks with them and remember that if they win you win too.

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