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Jin Qian Wa

918Kiss Ori
918Kiss Ori

Do you know what is about Jin Qian Wa? The meaning of Jin Qian Wa in Chinese is about the money frog. The money frog is conveying the meaning of bringing fortune to the people.

Hence, in Chinese culture, people will tend to put it in the house and shop. The Chinese people believe that it will bring fortune to them. Meanwhile, it also will guard against bad luck. So, it is a valuable animal to them.

Therefore, the 918Kiss APK is delivering a brand new Jin Qian Wa slot to the players. If you want to experience the feeling of being wealthy and good luck! You should try out this game. After I been playing this game, I feel like it is just easy to win as a piece of cake.

What Is Jin Qian Wa About In Kiss918 APK Download?

Apart from that, this game is mainly using Chinese culture in designing. The background is in red color. As red color is meaning “Ong” for the Chinese people. Then, you will find all the Fengshui, Jin Qian Wa, Money turtle, Dragon, Elephant, number, and alphabet as the reel symbols.

In addition, there are 40 bet lines in this slot. Which means the winning chances are more than 40 times. Since there are 40 available winning combinations. Look, isn’t this game is worth to play?

Besides that, the bet amount will be different based on the bet lines. For example, if the players choose the maximum bet lines which are 40. Then the minimum bet amount will be RM 40 while the maximum amount will be RM 12000. This is called the bet per line.

Best Bonus Ever In Kiss918 Mobile Slot Game

Kiss918 APK
Kiss918 APK

One of the reasons why must play this game is because of the free bonus features. This slot is giving out impressive prizes in its free bonus features. Who else doesn’t love a free bonus, isn’t it? First of all, you must pay attention to the scatter symbol.

So, the scatter symbol in this game is representing with a Jin Qian Wa in the Chinese word. When the players get three of these on the reels 2, 3, and 4. Then, the 8 free games will be yours! The more the free games, the higher the prizes will be.

After I been playing this game. I feel like it is easy to trigger the free bonus feature. Therefore, you must try out this game. This game will help you to win tons of money as no one else do. So, why not download this game and have some fun?

Pro Tips On Winning 918Kiss Android APK

As a 918Kiss expert, I have many experiences in playing slots. Hence, here’s my two cents for you on how to win big. In order to win big, you must have knowledge of a few of these parts. It is including game rules, bet amount, connecting system.

Firstly, you must understand all the rules in the slot. Since every slot game is different. Every each have their owns rules and features. Once you have an understanding of it. You will know how to win big. Besides, you must ensure that you are connecting with the WiFi system while playing. As the WiFi system will enhance the flow of the game.

Other than that, for a newbie. The bet amount is the most important part. You should know how to control your betting amount. Please always bear in mind that do not be greedy when you are still not familiar with the slot game. The amount of RM 40 to RM 400 will be the safest amount for you.

In Conclusion

Thank you for reading the information above. Hopefully, you can win a lot of money in our amazing 918Kiss APK Malaysia. May your day fill with happiness and enjoy your game! Click here if you want to know the tips of Easter Surprise 918Kiss APK.

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