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918Kiss Iceland Malaysia
918Kiss Iceland Malaysia

Whenever you heard of Iceland, what will pop up on your mind? I am sure that you are full of all the imaginations related to snow. Since Malaysia is only having summer and rainy seasons throughout the year.

Here is good news for you, Official 918Kiss is offering a brand new online mobile slot game-Iceland. Furthermore, the theme of this game design has fully utilized the concept of Iceland.

The design elements of this game are filling with polar bears, penguins, whales, ice mountains, and so on. It will deliver a romantic cold white snow ambiance to you while playing this game.

Important Features Of Iceland In 918Kiss Android APK

Official 918Kiss Pay Table
Official 918Kiss Pay Table

Apart from that, Iceland is one of the most fun and exciting online mobile slot games in 918Kiss APK. Other than the superior design quality, it has provided different useful features for players.

In order to win more money in this game, players must have certain basic knowledge of the game features. It will allow you to place a bet from a minimum of 0.50 to a maximum of 250. You are able on placing the bet at your comfortable range.

Other than the betting amount, there is an autoplay button in the game. This button allows the system to automatically run the games for you. Moreover, the upper design of this game is showing the minor, major, random jackpot-winning amount for you.

Easy To Win Official 918Kiss

As a 918Kiss expert, I would like to suggest you on focusing the wild and scatter symbol. Two of these symbols are offering the highest bonus in the game.

For the wild symbol, when you get this symbol in reel 3 and substitute in the winning combination. It will triple your prize. While for the scatter symbol, it is the biggest bonus in the game. When more than 3 scatter symbols appear from left to right, it will offer 9 free spins for you.

Furthermore, players also need to know about the pay line. There are 50pay lines in this game. This means the winning opportunity for players will be 50 times more than other slot games. As the normal slot game only will offer a maximum of 25 pay lines for the players.

Why Choosing 918Kiss APK Malaysia?

Moreover, the reasons why people loving the game of Iceland in 918Kiss APK are because of the aspects of good customer service and system quality.

The features and instructions of the games have provided clearly in the help button section. It will have a further explanation for each game feature.

Besides, if you have encountered any problems, you can straight away go to 918Kiss official websites. On the bottom part of the right corridor, it will pop out a customer service live chat. It will help you to tackle all the problems that you are facing.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, all of the tips above will help you in winning more money. Good luck and enjoy your games. Click here if you want to know how to hack 918Kiss.

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