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Great Blue

Great Blue 918Kiss Slot Malaysia
Great Blue 918Kiss Slot Malaysia

One of the most well-known online mobile slot games undeniable belongs to Great Blue in 918Kiss APK. Furthermore, the game is using the marine theme as the main design concept. The main objective is to deliver feelings of relaxation to the players.

In addition, whenever you heard of marine, what you will think about? I sure you will think of the majestic blue ocean, colorful corals, and marine animals. These designs definitely will drive you into the beating heart of the ocean.

I bet you must excite about this game right? Therefore, you can go to the 918Kiss official website and download this slot game now. As it is offering free download and free register now for anyone who is interested in this online mobile slot game.

What Do You Know About Great Blue 918Kiss Original?

Furthermore, this game comes with 5 reels and 3 rows. There are 25 pay lines for players to choose from. In addition, there are 13 symbols of marine-themed symbols in this game.

Moreover, the least pay line is 1 from a minimum bet amount of RM0.01 to a maximum bet amount of RM10. The highest pay line can up to 25 from a minimum bet amount of RM0.25 to a maximum of RM250. Apparently, it means that the higher pay line can get a higher winning opportunity.

Apart from that, there are also scatter and wild symbols in this game. The wild symbol is using a whale. While the scatter symbol is using a pearl in the shell. Hence, players must concentrate on both of these symbols. Both of these will lead you to the road filled with unexpected surprises.

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918Kiss Original Pay Table
918Kiss Original Pay Table

Besides, after you know how to start this game. I think you should know further about the game features. In order to win like a pro, I think all the players should know about the odd tables for all 13 different types of symbols.

In addition, players must know about the features of wild and scatter symbols. For the wild symbol, it can substitutes for all the symbols just except for the doubles wins and scatter symbols. The highest multiplier can up to 5 times. It means that the total winning amount could be up to RM10,000!

Other than that, the scatter symbol is the most vital symbol in this game. As it giving free spins up to 33 with 15 multipliers. Isn’t it sound crazy? After you triggered the scatter symbol features, you will automatically get 8 free spins with 2 multipliers. After that, you can choose any 2 of the seashells out of five. Then you can get a chance to win up to 33 free spins.

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Additionally, other than focusing on the wild and scatter symbols. As a 918Kiss expert, I would like to recommend you on focusing one game feature. The game feature is the Gambling game. Whenever you get a winning combination, you can choose to enter this game on getting massive wins with your current betting amount.

Besides, I would also like to suggest you on placing an optimal betting amount. If you are a new beginner, you should place the betting amount from RM10. This is because RM 10 always is the optimal betting amount for new beginners.

If you still have any enquirers or doubts, can go to 918Kiss official websites. There will be superior customer service for you on tackling all the issues. The customer service is carrying out in a live chat session form.

To Summarize

The well-designed of this game has attracted numerous of online mobile slot players. I think you must be excited about it now, right? Faster go get yourself 918Kiss APK on experiencing the excellent experience of online mobile slot games. Click here if you want to know further about Casino War 918Kiss APK Malaysia.

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