Download PUSSY888 Android And iphone

How to Download PUSSY888 for Android and iPhone

Why Download PUSSY888?

Speaking of download PUSSY888, Malaysians who have gambling will not be unfamiliar with this game. Because it is one of the top five gambling games in Malaysia.

And during the outbreak in Malaysia, did you always stay at home because you couldn’t cross the state? I think you are all bored. In this case, the PUSSY888 can help kill boredom.

In addition, the downloading method is very simple. In this article, I will explain it to you in detail.

Nonetheless, you must complete the installation after downloading. Basically, you can enter the game after the installation.

Things To Note When Downloading PUSSY888

When you are downloading the game, there are some things you must be careful and pay attention to:

Only Download From The Trusted Platform

This is the most critical point. Many players give us feedback that after downloading PUSSY888, not only the game got BUG. On the other hand, their mobile device also becomes very lag.

There are so many fake official downloading platforms on the Internet. So, make sure you pick wisely.

If you accidentally download from a fake download site and complete the installation. You could end up with all your phone data like photos and your social media password being stolen by someone.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that players only download from It is the official download site of PUSSY888.

Avoid Downloading PUSSY888 On-Peak Hours

The peak hours for PUSSY888 is from 8 PM to 12 AM. The server may be full at this time. So, if you download PUSSY888 at this time, it may take a longer time than usual.

Of course, if you are willing to wait, we won’t stop you. But what we worry about is although the server triggers your download request.

But there are millions of requests being fired to the game server per second. So, the version you downloaded may not complete.

Besides, this will greatly affect the player’s gaming experience. Because the most serious problem of an incomplete download version is APP CRASH.

I don’t think anyone wants the game to crash suddenly when he is about to hit the jackpot.

How To Check If The PUSSY888 You Downloaded Is Officially Certified

If you want to double confirm that your PUSSY888 is genuine. You can use the following methods to check repeatedly.

Check your game’s logo: There must be subtle differences between genuine and pirated logos. Because no matter how imitated it is impossible to copy 100%. Just like you buy something at a supermarket today if you want to make sure that it is genuine. You will definitely compare it with the genuine one. Therefore, since there is a genuine download URL for you above, players can download and compare.

Test the download speed of the game: Besides, the normal download time is 5 minutes. You should start counting when you click the “download” button. Of course, more than 1-2 minutes is acceptable. Because not everyone has a fast Internet speed. Moreover, the premise of this test is that players must test in a good line.

Try to see if you can enter the test id: Genuine PUSSY888 will provide the test id to players. Moreover, the purpose is to let them use the test id to familiarize and practice the game before they start to deposit real money. Furthermore, the account of the test id is unified as demo1-demo9999. The password is 1234.

PUSSY888 Download Tutorial

Tutorial Of PUSSY888 Download

Step 1 Google PUSSY888 Download.

The second step is to click the download button.

After clicking the download button, a pop up will display Install or cancel. Please click install.

Wait a moment, your PUSSY888 APK is being installed. Besides, please make sure you are in a good network connection area before downloading PUSSY888.

After downloading, you can enter the game. Before entering the game, players must register an account with an officially authorized agent. Then only you can log in to the game.

If you want to try it out first, you can also use the PUSSY888 demo id.

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