Official 918Kiss Casino War

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Casino War

918Kiss Casino War Live Game
918Kiss Casino War Live Game

Casino War 918Kiss is one of the best table games that I ever played. Its model is to let the player and the dealer bet; who has the bigger card will win.

In order to play the game well, you have to have a basic knowledge of poker. Besides that, you can practice with real poker cards repeatedly at home before you start to gamble with real money.

The game is also easier to play than baccarat and poker. Because all you need is a single card to determines the outcome of the game. Before when you want to gamble you have to go to the casino. But, now as long you have 918Kiss APK, you can enjoy the table game any time.

On the other hand, with 918Kiss Casino War you save time and money; the most important is it’s safer to gamble at home. Likewise, when you win at the casino, everyone will recognize you.

But if you win at the 918Kiss, only you and the dealer know about it. Your privacy and data will be protected well by the 918Kiss security department. So, all you need is focus on your game.

How To Play 918Kiss Casino War?

918Kiss Original APK
918Kiss Original APK

If you are really interested in this game then you must read this article to the end. The play is actually very simple, the player and the banker are sitting face to face.

After shuffling, the dealer will deal, one party will get a card at this time. So, if the rank of the card is higher than the banker you win, but it isn’t you lose. Moreover, the Ace ranks the highest in Casino War. So, if you get the Ace, you definitely will win, don’t worry.

One thing to note is if the player has the same card level as the dealer, the system will let you decide whether you want to “surrender” or “fight”. If you surrender you’re going to lose half of your money.

Likewise, if you click “fight”, the dealer is going to give you an extra card, and then the dealer himself is going to draw four cards. Lastly, if you have a bigger card than the dealer you’re going to win again.

918Kiss APK Table Game Strategy

  • Ensure you download your 918Kiss Application & Aplikasi from the official download site.
  • It is recommended that players use a wifi connection when gambling. Because if you use data connection, it will affect your gaming experience.
  • Don’t click surrender, because you’re just wasting your money. We suggest players click “fight”. Just draw an extra card to see whose card has the higher rank.
  • Ensure you study the 918Kiss paytable before you start to gamble with real money. Understanding the instruction of the game is very important.

In Conclusion

918Kiss is a really fun game. Well, there are a lot of really fun games on it, not only can you win money but also can help you eliminate stress. Enjoy and good luck. Click here if you want to study more about Sea World Tips And Strategy.

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