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The Reason You Should Play Baccarat Online


Official 918Kiss Live Baccarat
Official 918Kiss Live Baccarat

Today I’m going to introduce to you the least complicated game in gambling – Baccarat. Well, this game is also my personal favorite casino game. Because unlike other games like slot machines, which require certain skills and have to read the complicated paytable.

In addition, the year 2020 is a turning point, a lot of things changing. For example, we used to drive all the way to the casino to gamble; but now there are applications like 918Kiss, Mega888, and Xe88 that provide you all the casino games.

Besides, with this application when we want to gamble, all you need is just pick up your phone and open the APK. Then, you can gamble anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, you won’t lose the attention of your family because of gambling because you can keep them company and gamble at the same time. Well, this is what the traditional casinos can’t do.

Banker Vs. Player In Live Baccarat 918Kiss

918Kiss Baccarat Online
918Kiss Baccarat Online

No matter how many people play, or how much money you bet; the system will only give out four cards, two on each side. Players are then free to choose which side they want to bet on.

Before you even start playing this game, please keep this in mind: Baccarat doesn’t use any tricks at all. So, you don’t have to feel pressured when you playing because it relies on luck.

Unlike black Jack and slot machines, where the key to winning and losing is the player’s skill. Well, at Baccarat, what you can’t do is choose Banker or Player after the system has dealt the hands.

In addition, the odds are different on both sides. The Player side is 1:1, but the Banker side is 1:9. Some of you might be curious why the Banker’s odds are lower; well it is because the 918Kiss system has shown the Banker’s winning percentage is 89.33%, while the Players only have 80.21%.

918Kiss Online Casino Strategy Guide

918Kiss Android APK Malaysia
918Kiss Android APK Malaysia

The first thing you need to do is to know the number of each card and understand the whole process of the game. Besides Banker and Player, you can bet a Draw. As a veteran, I do not recommend players to bet a Draw.

Although the odds of a draw are 1:20, but the winning percentage for the draw is very low; averaging 30 innings per draw. Here are some tips for you to try. But I’m not sure whether they can work every time or not:

  • Remember to request a new 918Kiss Baccarat account after you win money. Although this method is unwarranted, I still suggest you try it in order to win money.
  • In fact, in the lower right corner of the Baccarat 918Kiss, there is a historical record showing the previous wins. So, players can bet according to this record and follow the trend.
  • Ensure you download your Kiss918 APK from the Official download site. The pirated 918Kiss has no obvious problems to play with, but sometimes there is a lag state when gambling.

Baccarat Strategy in a Live Casino vs. Online

While there’s no difference between online baccarat and going to the land-based casino. But there’s actually a slight difference in the gaming experience, which is that most players don’t bet too much in the land-based casino.

On the other hand, the card counting strategy does not work in Online Baccarat because, at the end of each round, the 918Kiss system does everything; unlike the casino where the hand is dealt manually by the dealer.

In A Nutshell

Hopefully reading this article has given you some knowledge of online casino and land-based casino. If you have any questions about the game, you can just click on the chat room at the bottom right to contact us.

Last but not least, if you are really interested in gambling, you should try Baccarat first. Click here if you want to study more about 918Kiss Iceland.

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