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Latest Way To Download 918Kiss Original On Apple

918Kiss IOS

918Kiss IOS Download
918Kiss IOS Download

Good morning, everybody. I’m sure you’ve been playing 918Kiss in the last few months. But we’ve been getting a lot of people telling us that they can’t download the 918Kiss IOS version on their Apple device.

There are over a thousand slot games in Kiss918 APK. So, I don’t think any gambler could resist this game. But it’s also the most downloaded online gambling game on Android phones. Furthermore, it’s players are scattered throughout Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, and Cambodia.

Also, you must be wondering why such a popular game only supports Android phones. Isn’t it possible to lose customers by not providing apple’s download website? It could be downloaded before. But last year, due to pressure from various Southeast Asian governments, the iPhone store pulled this product from the shelves.

But today I will provide you with an IOS 918Kiss version download link which you can install on any Iphone model. If you are interested, please browse www.918kissofficial.com to download now, because I am afraid the link will be removed later.

How To Download 918Kiss IOS?

Just click on our iPhone download site above to install the game on your phone immediately. But you can’t start the game immediately after downloading it. You must follow these steps to complete the installation – Click Setting – Select General – Find Device Management – Click On Trust All Continential Sdn.Bhd.

Well, now you are halfway there. But you can’t immediately start gambling after the installation complete. Because you don’t have a game account and password.

You must first be registered as one of our Kiss918 players. The registration only will be complete after you provide your name and telephone number. I believe that many players will concern and worry, but you rest assured, because we will try our best to protect your personal details.

On the other hand, at the time of the registration account, remember to inform the customer service executive that you need an IOS Kiss918 account. Now, you can start your gambling career.

What Is 918Kiss And Scr888?

918Kiss IOS was previously known as Scr888. Moreover, it is also the current trend now. On the other hand, it’s also the most downloaded game in Southeast Asia. It’s by far the safest and best served online gambling platform. Because this APK not only provide slot machines, but also poker games, and table games.

The most commendable is the customer service executive service quality. All of them are professionally trained. Furthermore, when you encounter any issue in the game, you can contact us directly through WeChat, WhatsApp, Live Chat, and Telegram. We will be ready to serve you 24/7.

It’s also has a clean and easy to play interface. So, it’s a game for all ages.

Fast Withdrawal Within 5 Minutes

I believe the biggest concern for online gamblers is what to do when they win money. As soon as the player wins the money, we will ask for your account. And within five minutes we will transfer the money to your beneficiary account.

Don’t worry about being cheated because we’ve been in business for more than 20 years and we’ve never cheated any player. Moreover, we know better than anyone that integrity is important in a business.

Speedy Deposit Within 5 Minutes In 918Kiss IOS

After using a trial account if you want to bank-in, you may contact us via WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, and Live Chat. After bank-in, we guarantee that your deposit process will be completed in five minutes.

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