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How To Play 4D Magnum Like A Pro

4D Magnum

4D Magnum Malaysia
4D Magnum Malaysia

4D Magnum is a famous lottery gambling game in Malaysia. Besides, it is the only legal lottery gambling gameplay. Moreover, the gameplay is very simple. You can find this game in online casino Malaysia too!!

Players only need to choose four groups of Numbers from 0000 to 9999. The way the lottery is drawn is the system will pick 23 random numbers. Also, if your number is in one of those 23 groups, you win.

In fact, in the beginning, this type of gambling game started from 2D, gradually to 3D, until we are familiar with 4D. Until the year 2000, when Singapore invented a computerized version of the lottery system, that it evolved into what you see here.

Furthermore, 4D is also part of the culture of Malaysia and Singapore. Many tourists will come here and want to try their luck. After all, it’s prize is very attractive.

You have the opportunity to win a multiple of 2500 times with RM1. Besides, the Malaysian 4D is not just only have Magnum but many more such as Da Ma Cai, Toto, and Singapore Pools.

Besides, there is another way to play 4D Magnum. Just bet on big or small. Well, the probability of winning is higher in a bigger bet than a smaller bet.

Is There A Way To Predict 4D Magnum Number?

There are many ways to predict the results of 4D. Also, players can try out the number generator provided by the 4D platform. But the best choice is to look through the 4D’s past result statics data. So, players can use this data to judge or guess which number has not been drawn a long time.

As an expert gambler, I’ve been studying lottery gambling for ten years. And my advice to gamblers is to use the online site number generator. You can find this feature everywhere.

On the other hand, players can choose the number with the system number generator according to their zodiac. Besides, you don’t have to rush to buy this group of numbers. Players can check whether this group of numbers has been seen in history before. Then only you decide whether to place a bet or not.

Then the player can think about whether your lucky number is even or odd. Furthermore, as an experienced player, my advice to you is to try to choose a combination of numbers that have both an even and odd number. Such as numbers like 4320, 6671, 2417, or 8013.

Tips And Tricks To Win 4D In Malaysia

Do you want to win in the next 4D? So you have to write down some of the methods I’m going to talk about. It’s not guaranteed to work every time, but you can try them out.

  • Bet Big Or Small: When you bet big, you win as long as the number you buy appears in one of the 23 groups. But if you bet small, your number has to be in the first, second, and third prize. Then only you can win.
  • Ensure You Know What Number To Write: As I mentioned above, players can try out the 4D number generator to decide what number they should buy. More importantly, players must remember to bet big and small to increase their chances of winning.


Last but not least, I hope you have a certain understanding of 4D magnum after reading this article. Although the game is very simple but if you want to win money in the 4D Magnum is not so simple. After all, the number of the lottery is only 23 groups. But I believe, if you don’t give up; you will succeed in the end. Good luck.

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